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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Christmas Isaac!

Last Christmas we hung Isaac's ornament on the tree, thinking.....surely he will be home next year.  Here we are a year later and hanging the same ornament and thinking the same thought.  We are so happy for the progress that we have made with our adoption process but we are impatiently waiting for his homecoming.  The holidays are especially difficult to be away from your child but we know that it is God's timeline...not ours!

Isaac has been very healthy this past year and gained ten pounds since arriving at the orphanage.  We are so happy that he is getting such great care, being fed very well and even getting to attend school. 

Isaac in his school uniform (front right with hands in pocket).
Please pray for swift movement with our adoption process. Pray that Isaac knows we are coming back. 

Merry Christmas Isaac!!! We love and miss you!