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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas to Isaac!

As our family prepares to spend our first (and hopefully last) Christmas without Isaac, we learn more about how Christmas is spent at his "home" in Haiti. One of the other adoptive parents spent last Christmas at Isaac's creche and posted this message on our yahoo blog site:

" First, there are some simple Christmas decorations-- so it does look festive in the creche.  Then, on Christmas day, the nannies spent hours in the morning washing and doing hair and dressing up all the kids in their nicest clothes (and themselves-- I was amazed at the formal dresses the nannies wore!).  A little after noon, all the kids gathered in the big room by the pool, sitting on their little colored chairs, and Dr. Bernard and Claudette came down for the Christmas performance.  Last year, all the little kids were wearing Santa hats made out of construction paper. The kids are out of school for two weeks at the holidays, but the nannies work with them during that time and from about 3-years-old up, all the kids put on the Christmas program-- they sing, recite the Christmas story and do dances to music.  Then, there is a big meal (about 2 p.m. Haitian time).  Finally, Dr. B passes out little gifts to every child by name and they all go up and say Joyeax Noel and he hugs them and gives them their gift.  There are huge smiles and lots of laughing and squealing and checking out each other's presents.  It was so sweet." ...... Lindsay

We are comforted to know that Dr. Bernard and his staff make Christmas so special for our children. Praying that next year he will be home with us to celebrate. Below is Isaac's December update picture.
December 2011

Thank you all for your continued prayers, kind words of encouragement and generous donations during this process. We feel so very blessed to be a part of this wonderful journey!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
The Mitchells