Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayers for Isaac

Now we just wait.... Wait for news, wait for pictures, wait on the Lord. This gives us much opportunity to pray and know that Isaac will come home with us in God's perfect timing. 

Recently my co-worker, Shea, had the opportunity to travel overseas to Israel. She offered to take a prayer note for us to place in the Western Wall (Wailing Wall or Kotel) in the Old City of Jerusalem. Here is a picture of our prayer note and a picture of Shea placing the note in the wall.

Shea is in the center (navy coat) placing our prayer note in the Western Wall.

Update on our adoption status....we are still in IBESR (Haiti's social services dept). We have no way of knowing how long our paperwork will be in that department before it goes before the President of Haiti. The law in Haiti states that in order to adopt, you should be 35+ yrs old, married 10+ yrs and have no other children. We meet two of those criteria but since we have 2 kids, we will require Presidential Dispensation (he will sign off on our paperwork). This will add more time to our wait.  Please continue to pray for Isaac and pray for lots of movement in the IBESR.

Thank you for caring for our growing family. As a reminder, we will be having 2 benefit yard sales this spring. Please let us know if you have items to donate.

Thanks, The Mitchell Family

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