Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures of Isaac! Such a blessing!

We have had the best couple weeks getting many updates, pictures and videos of Isaac. It first started with the NBC show Rock Center with Brian Williams who aired a story about a couple's journey to Haiti. Part of that interview was conducted at the creche where Isaac lives. We got to see him on national TV!!!! Then as other parents visit, they are nice enough to take pictures of our kids to share with us. We can't thank the DeMura's enough for spending time with Isaac during their trip. One of my favorite updates from Chad DeMura: "He is a beautiful child! Great eyes and lashes, real lady's man!!" Then this week another adoptive mom, Dominique was able to take some more amazing pictures of Isaac. It is such a blessing to see his face and hear that he is happy.

We also had the opportunity to send laminated pictures to tie to Isaac's crib and a personalized blankie.  I took a picture of Elizabeth and Eric with the items and it was so special to see Isaac holding them the very next week!
Elizabeth and Eric with Isaac's pictures and blankie

The blanket has Isaac's given name Marvens. Then is says "I Love You" in Haitian Creole.

This is Isaac's crib (sorry I can't get this picture to turn for blog)

The first time we have seen a SMILE!!!

We just can't stop looking at him!  As far as an update on our progress.......WE JUST WAIT! There is no predicting how fast or slow each step of the process will go from here.  We just have to focus on raising the extra money we need to travel to Haiti as soon as it's time to go to court. Really looking forward to that trip!

Love, Stacey and Keith

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