Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today, November 6th is Orphan Sunday

On Orphan Sunday, Christians stand for the orphan. We are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress. We love this video: Orphan Sunday Video .  It reminds us that we love because He first loved us.

HE Defended, Adopted, Rescued, Sought, Found and Loved US
So when we: Seek, Find, Rescue, Adopt, Defend and Love the orphan.....we make God's heart visible and walk in the way of love.

Almost daily someone tells Keith and I what a great thing we are doing....adopting. We sometimes have a hard time responding to this statement, because it's not about us. All of us have been instructed by God to care for the orphan. Some people do this financially, through mission trips, provide foster care but some of us are clearly called to adopt. We give God the praise/recognition and know that this child will be such a blessing to our family.

Adoption Journey update:  Our Dossier (massive stack of adoption paperwork) is ready!!!  We have four documents in Miami at the Haitian Consulate getting legalized. As soon as we receive those back we will mail it to Haiti.  We expect to have our referral (picture and info about our child) by Christmas! 

Our matching grant through ABBA fund ended yesterday. We will receive the final amount from them this week.  We appreciate everyone who gave generously and are praying for us through this journey. The blog will be updated with the amount raised as soon as it is finalized.

Stacey and Keith

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